What we do


  • Success in modern business has become dependent on a company‚Äôs ability to innovate
  • Innovation is not a mysterious black box. It is a process and a set of capabilities that can be learned and built into an organisation
  • A step-change in an organisation’s’ ability to produce new and successful products and services can be achieved by applying the methods and approaches that have been driving innovation in the startup world for the past decade.


Too many businesses are wasting time and money on a grand scale because they fail to find out in advance whether customers actually want what they are trying to sell.

Through a combination of workshops, coaching, and practical application of startup business tools, we embed Lean Startup and customer-driven methodologies inside the teams charged with driving innovation in your organisation. This gives you the ability to quickly and cheaply develop new products and services, with robust business models, that customers actually want.

We also give senior managers the ability to track the progress of a pipeline of new ideas, giving you clear measures of progress and cost.
We develop this as an internal capability inside your business, rather than fostering a dependence on external consultants.


Our clients are typically facing increasing competition in their core businesses, and have consciously decided to double-down on innovation. They have made a commitment to building an organisation that is capable of producing breakthrough, disruptive new products and services.

They want to learn to move with speed and agility. To learn fast, execute faster and create better outcomes for their customers and their company.


We have applied the Lean Startup methodologies championed by Steve Blank, Ash Maurya and Eric Ries, to hundreds of startups. Out of this experience we have developed a programme and a suite of tools designed specifically for use within corporations.
For the companies we work with, these tools form the foundation of a customer-centric innovation process that is driven by business models that are validated in the real world. It provides a framework for developing and tracking a new product or service all the way from idea stage through to scale. An example of one of these tools is the venture lifecycle model we designed to track the progress of a portfolio of ventures within a corporation or accelerator.

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